Friday, September 2, 2016

Split Views

View #1
I love my job.  I love seeing the students and directors having a fabulous time, learning more about their "craft," and gaining some amazing experiences they will always talk about
My job has provided me with amazing experience to travel a bit around the country, get into theme parks for free, many amazing free meals, and staying in fabulous resorts for free.
I get discounts to things, meet amazing people, and it got me out of a job where I wasn't progressing.
Most of the people I work with are great and we all have the same passion with this job.
we get shortened hours in the summer which is great

View #2
I need a new job.
I had the highest revenue in years of anyone in my department (I hit over a million dollars!) yet my bonus was 1/2% of that.  not even a full percent.
We're micro-managed.
We are told to get a hold of schools vocally within 7 days- not 7 business days, but 7 calendar days.
If we don't- we don't get part of our bonus.

Hence the post today- I was just told if you hit 85% of your vocal contact you can go home early.
I am the last one here cause I'm at 81% despite having almost double the groups that anyone else has.
There is no way to affect if a school is going to call you back- you can call/email every day but you have no way to MAKE them call you in that 7 days.

I'm pregnant, so my hormones are high, but that almost made me cry that my manager won't let me go home when I am the only here, I have already surpassed my goal for 2017 (yes, 2017!!), and have only taken 3 full vacation days so far this year.

Day 246 of 2016- no real vacation taken.
Wait, I take that back- I took a half day on  a Friday and we drove 2 hours away for 3 days and 2 nights.

I swore I would look for a new job on my maternity leave.

but another plus to this job?
They are SO nice to moms.  If I need to run home and nurse my baby cause he won't take a bottle- no problem.
If I need to run home to a sick baby- no problem.
No grief about pumping 2-3 times/day.

Also next summer I may be allowed to work from "home" if hubby has an internship out of state.
and when hubby graduates spring 2018 I am gone, retiring, kaput from the working world of 9-5.

So do I switch jobs just to make a little more money and treated like I'm valued when I made the company so much money?
I hear most companies give you 10% of your revenue goal.

Is it worth it with a new baby coming?
I really don't know.
On days like this I feel like I deserve so much better.

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