Thursday, June 23, 2016

This Too Shall Pass

Today is an off day for me.
I've been a bit more down this pregnancy and that comes from a lot of outside sources as well as being hormonal.

But today is probably a day I should just go home.

1. Girl at work who has always been the "mean girl" to me adopted a baby 6 months ago.  Ignored my attempts to say congrats.  She announces today (her last day in our office before she moves and works from home) that she's miraculously pregnant.  Again- attempts denied.
So I wrote her a note congratulating her and went on a walk to avoid any attempts for her to say anything.  But then again why would she?  She doesn't like me.

2. We went to our ranch a few weeks ago and started a puzzle.  We had to put another one away to start the new one.  Yesterday and today I get the meanest texts from my family because they were going to frame the other one.  How would I know that?!  And why be so caustic over a PUZZLE?!

3. This is just a selfish complaint.  I do wish I worked for a company that gave me real maternity leave.  I have to save all my PTO this year for maternity leave and even then I'll only have about 3 weeks paid.  I hate that I'm working for a company who underpays me and all my attempts for a new better job just aren't coming through.

Rachel at work just passed a note to someone else that I think I needed today:
Remember- this too shall pass.
I needed that.
I may not survive but I know it'll pass.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Emotional Today

So here's a rant for ya:
I am sick of hearing people say awful things about these parents who have things happen to their children. You CANNOT judge the situation cause you were NOT there. Leave the parents alone and let the judging stand with your Heavenly Father.
I am sick of people not knowing people beneath them- there are people at work who have been with the company 15+ years and have no idea anything about the receptionist in our office or the front desk for our building. Get to know them- they're good people!
I am sick of people assuming that because it's a "good" economy now that everyone can get a job easily. Guess what- it's STILL hard to make enough money to get by or to buy a home. We're all doing the best we can with what we are able.
When I say hi to you in the hall- don't just give me a half smile. Try smiling and saying hi back- it might make your day a bit better to know someone noticed you.
When I hear you speak poorly of your spouse in public it makes me think you have a bad relationship. Only speak poorly of a spouse if they are ABUSING you verbally/physically and you need help.
We're a great human race- we have amazing things.
We have these phones that can teach us anything.
We have the right to attend college and vote for laws.
You are not restricted by your religion, your gender, or your status in society.
Do something good with your life and stay positive!
The other options just aren't good enough for you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Our Humbling Experience

It's no secret that we live with my in-laws.
We have for the last year and a half.
And had hoped to move out around this time as Caleb would have one year left of school and hopefully a job already.

Set backs happen and we're now looking at 3-4 years with my in-laws.

There are options to move out but on my salary alone- we'd be moving about an hour's drive away from work/school/babysitters.  Not ideal.  It's expensive in the Salt Lake Valley.

We're struggling right now.
Struggling to fit in with a neighborhood that is well established- sick of the jokes about how long school is taking, sick of the lessons at church where people talk about building their next house, the vacations they take out of the country, etc.

Sick of being left out of things.
Or being judged cause I work full-time and therefore can't take my child to the play date/preschool everyone else is taking their kids too.

Our situation is different but NOT unheard of.

So we must either humble ourselves more, suck it up to survive 1-2 more years, or we can buckle down and sacrifice.

I can get another job that pays better (trust me, I am trying!), Caleb can get a part-time job (he is trying as well- if anyone knows of a good job that won't make him work Sundays PLEASE let us know), and then we could afford to move out or afford daycare/preschool.

But I want to stay home.
I'm having our 2nd child in 4 months and I want to be home with my kids.
But it won't be possible yet.
And we're sick of the judgment for our situation.

It's not a forever situation, it's not like we WANT to be living in a cramped basement.

But it is our humbling experience and we're kinda stuck for now.