Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Staying Stress Free

How am I staying stress free right now?
Wish it was Xanax.
That's how good things are going right now.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

I had a baby!

(I wrote this back on December 7th but couldn't post from my phone for some reason...)

Once upon an October I had a baby girl. 
I will write the story soon'ish.  

Today is my first day back at work  and these are my thoughts for journaling purposes-

* I hated leaving my babies this morning.  I hate giving the baby more of the prescription (special diet due to genetic disease) formula cause I didn't have enough pumped. 

*first pumping session yielded more than I pumped in two sessions on maternity leave!  Big blessing. 
*I'm mean to my husband.  I made him do the night feeding last night so I got a bit more sleep before my first day back.  But then I slept in the little man's bed to keep him asleep.  

*after being out of our home  for five  days (wood flooring being installed/sealed)  we got home at 5 lady night and had almost no food.  Which means I had nothing to bring to work today

*day 1 of eating healthier while at work -  FAIL

*work updated the whole system while I was gone so I'm SCARED TO DEATH  my times are gone forever.  So sitting here on hold with  'George'  trying to get them back. 

*500+ emails,  29+ voicemails ,  will I every catch up?  

* I'm missing my last two careers right now- banking and operations at Old Navy.  

Guess I'd better work a bit. 
Doesn't help that my coverage quit while I was  gone.....  I need to hold my babies.