Monday, July 18, 2016


Right before I announced to my in-laws about pregnancy #2 my sister-in-law said she had a dream we were pregnant.
Then she and another sister-in-law said they dreamt it was a boy.

When my middle sister-in-law announced she was pregnant the younger sister-in-law said she knew someone was.

My in-laws have a weird thing where dreams kinda come true or tell a truth to them.
I think it comes from my father-in-laws side as he says he has these dreams all the time- he just chooses not to share 99% of them.

With this third pregnancy my younger SIL and my husband both kept dreaming it was a girl way before we could tell on an ultrasound (and if you know our genetic history having a girl from my husband is scary- she'll be a carrier of his disease, could be symptomatic, etc and it's scary).
And they almost dreamt it would be a little girl with dark, almost black, hair.

I've been having a hard time this pregnancy- it wasn't planned, my husband is still in school and I'm the main provider, and it started out really scary and for 2 weeks we were told I was most likely miscarrying.

So when I went to my final ultrasound alone, saw a BABY, I was kinda shocked.
You start getting ready for another loss (very similar to pregnancy #1) and then get a SHOCK.
So it's been hard for me to get excited.  Then finding out it was a girl, when we needed a boy who would NOT have the disease, I've been kinda in a place of non-excitement.

I started buying some girl stuff to get excited, my son tickles my tummy and kisses his baby sister, and through all this trying to be excited on the outside where on the inside- I'm a mess.

But then I had a dream last night- I had just brought this little girl home from the hospital.
She had good chubby cheeks, just enough hair to tell it was dark, and these sweet big eyes.
She was a good nurser too (which I have to pray for as I have this blessing/curse that my milk comes in at 7 months pregnant).
And I woke up just HAPPY that she was healthy enough to nurse (part of the genetic disease is if they are strongly symptomatic they can't have protein so you usually can't nurse) and that she was so sweet.  I could just feel the strong love and need to protect her.

This makes me very emotional today but very excited to bring a sweet spirit into our home.

Also, similar to where we are now, she still didn't have a name in my dream.  We had one we were tossing around but still didn't  know.  Dang it :)

(18 weeks)
I'm 28 weeks tomorrow

Monday, July 11, 2016

VBAC with Uterine Fibroid

I had a c-section with my first kiddo (4 years and 2 days ago.  My li'l boy is SO big now).
It was a great story-
I had some contractions 2 days past my due date that were pretty consistent. But I thought- I'd rather go to bed.
So I did.
Woke up at 6am, jumped out of bed-
"Honey I think I peed the bed. I am so sorry!"
So I went to the bathroom and the peeing didn't stop (sorry if TMI).

As the hubby is asking if my water broke I notice it's meconium.

Yeah, my water broke in bed.  Not sure if that mattress cover is water proof now after we bleached it to death after that.

Went to the hospital, was the only one in L&D (which was amazing for the largest hospital in Utah), got checked in and the nurses verified it was meconium and I was in active labor.

37 fun hours labor and still only at 5cm dilated we did a c-section.
Baby was not dropping, worried about him being meconium, so we got him out.
Complications in c-section (fibroid was HUGE and they couldn't get it back in so I started bleeding out).  But everything is fine and we were home I think on Friday when I was checked in on Sunday.  LONG STAY.

So I assumed this time I would be a c-section again with the fibroid being in the same position.
My doctor agreed it would be best to just plan the c-section.

But now that the fibroid is actually NOT growing as much as last time I'm starting to think- what about a VBAC?  Hmm...

Plus the whole thing of picking the day your children will be born is
1. weird.  What if they hate the day I pick?  Mostly joking.
2. a big drama thing with family

A lot of family is born around that time and I've already had two people tell me they don't want to share the date.  SERIOUSLY?  Then my doctor is out of town the one day that would work perfectly.

So maybe I will just wait to go into labor naturally?
I enjoyed my epidural last time (that anesthesiologist was FANTASTIC!  The only thing I felt was the warm blood dripping down my back (sounds gross, sorry but I found it cool)).
But I'm intrigued by natural labor.
*Sidenote after I wrote this- the baby is breach right now at 27 weeks.  Crap.

I have an appointment next week along with my GD test (I think I'm the only one that enjoys that sugar filled juice.  Yum).  So I had better write down some questions!

Well I'm work in 50 minutes.  Sweet!
And I just secured hotel rooms for this weekend for a little getaway.  Wahoo!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Little Man

My little man is turning 4 this weekend.  How is that possible?
how is it possible that he is SO tall?
how is it possible that he knows how to question me now, how to tease me, and when to hug me when I need it most?

I'm not huge into birthday parties- unfortunately I married a family who LOVES parties.
So you gotta do something (except my birthday this year which I am basically ignoring because I'll be 38 weeks pregnant.  I'm asking for car mats.  I want a boring birthday and to be ignored).

So I decided the little man's birthday is going to be a water fight.
Should be easy and cheap enough right?
Tons of Little Caesar's Pizza, drinks, a plastic pool full of water beads (cause I have TONS) and water balloons.
A basket of water guns.
A bucket full of water sponges.

There are going to be 8 kids which isn't too bad (unless my sister is in town with her kids then 10 kids total but somehow I'm thinking the 14, 16, and 18 year olds won't be participating as much when the other kids are 10, 10, 8, 7, 7, 4, and 3).

I made up a cute invitation

I can handle this, right?