Thursday, October 6, 2016

5 days left

I have my final maternity appointment in about an hour.
I love that the hubby says this morning "well let me know if anything happens."
He says that a lot lately as though I might not let him know.

Granted I didn't tell him with the little man that I was having contractions until the next day.
Granted I didn't tell him I was having contractions this time a few weeks ago.
But it's usually because his phone is dead!

I have dropped big time in the last week.
Last week the NP told I was maybe a 1/2 inch dilated (I think she lied to make me feel better) but very thinned out (they never tell me if I'm effaced or a guess on baby's weight).

So lets pray for more today!
Getting stripped o'those membranes today too.  Gross word but exciting word if you're pregnant!

I am so trunky at work.  I am so over it.  And I know I've heard these lines 20+ times today at work, no exaggeration:
- you've dropped more than yesterday (I do like this one)
- what are you doing here?
-where's that baby?

Yup, I'm done.  I'm done nesting at home, I'm done with work, I'm done with my bra digging into the top of my belly/chest area (I am not going to a sports bra people.  WAY too big of a chest and I don't want uniboob).

So here is my sign off, hopefully, until baby girl is here!