Thursday, June 23, 2016

This Too Shall Pass

Today is an off day for me.
I've been a bit more down this pregnancy and that comes from a lot of outside sources as well as being hormonal.

But today is probably a day I should just go home.

1. Girl at work who has always been the "mean girl" to me adopted a baby 6 months ago.  Ignored my attempts to say congrats.  She announces today (her last day in our office before she moves and works from home) that she's miraculously pregnant.  Again- attempts denied.
So I wrote her a note congratulating her and went on a walk to avoid any attempts for her to say anything.  But then again why would she?  She doesn't like me.

2. We went to our ranch a few weeks ago and started a puzzle.  We had to put another one away to start the new one.  Yesterday and today I get the meanest texts from my family because they were going to frame the other one.  How would I know that?!  And why be so caustic over a PUZZLE?!

3. This is just a selfish complaint.  I do wish I worked for a company that gave me real maternity leave.  I have to save all my PTO this year for maternity leave and even then I'll only have about 3 weeks paid.  I hate that I'm working for a company who underpays me and all my attempts for a new better job just aren't coming through.

Rachel at work just passed a note to someone else that I think I needed today:
Remember- this too shall pass.
I needed that.
I may not survive but I know it'll pass.

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