Monday, September 26, 2016

Do I really need all this stuff?

As I'm prepping (nesting) for baby #2 to arrive in 2 weeks and 1 day (but who is counting down...) there are some things I wonder if I really NEED or just want.

Went to Ross on my lunch break today to find a bag to carry my pumping supplies to work.
Is that a NEED?  Kind of.  I don't know how else I'd carry it to work and I wanted a new bag that I could easily santize.  I also got a new insulated bag that fits inside the new one that lays flat for the freezer at work.  Kinda need those to feed my baby santitarily and to hide things a bit when I go back to work.

Hats/socks- I personally didn't want my baby girl girl coming home from the hospital in the only newborn hat her brother had- camo that says Daddy's Hunting BUddy.  I could make it work BUT.... she deserved her own.  Pink with birds it is.  And the socks?  The elastic on big brudduh's socks just felt like it was wearing out.

Bedding- yes I have four sheets from big brudduh for the crib.  but they were western sheets.  I do need to get her a couple that are girly enough.  For now the plain brown ones/brown and white checkered will do for now.

a cradle.  I borrowed my SIL's bassinet for the little man and then she had her own so it's back in her hands.  And she announced they were "trying" when we found out we were pregnant so no way was I gonna ask to borrow it again.
And I like a small thing to keep them in by me for the first couple months.
So it's not a need as we have a crib but more a want.  And it has a very "heirloom" look to it.

the fancy blessing dress- I never had one.  It's a long story but all three of us girls from my mom wore a vivid red dress to our blessings at church and HECK NO was I using that again.
I need something for the blessing but the want was the style.  I spent more than I should have but hopefully she'll pass it on to her daughter?

It's sometimes very hard to define needs vs. wants.
But when I'm hormonal, can't do much, and am having the daughter I never thought I'd have.... Eh, just let me shop. :)

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  1. When it comes down to it, the baby doesn't need much. But it sure makes mom feel better to have all the stuff, and it makes life easier. Wants turn to needs when it comes to babies. Anything that makes life more happy and comfortable is a NEED!