Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Birth Plan

First time:
My water broke at home, 37 hours later at the hospital I had a c-section.
We never did a birthing class, toured part of the hospital, and my only plan was to have an epidural.

Second time:
Since I want a VBAC, and as I sit here having contractions at work (what joy....), my plan is to just breathe like they tell you in TV shows where they go to a class.

Great planning huh?
At least this time I have the baby bag packed in advance (did it at 6am the first time) and a bag for me.
Also a bag for my son to take to Grandma's for a couple days.

So I'm partially prepared, that works right?

I never had contractions like this the first time.
It's very intriguing... 

1 comment:

  1. Early contractions are annoying and uncomfortable, so sorry you are having them. I never took a class or anything either. With my second, I just prayed I remembered everything from the first time.