Monday, September 19, 2016

False Labor

Last Thursday I woke up just not feeling myself.
I was aching everywhere, gave up and finally used the elevator once at work instead of the stairs (we're only on the 2nd floor but the 1st floor is huge so it's two flights of stairs to the 2nd).

Around 4pm I started feeling like my Braxton Hicks were hurting more in my back and everywhere.  I started wondering if they were real contractions.

5pm, on the drive home from work, timed them (what else is there to do in a construction packed highway?).
Every two minutes.
Got to my parents to pick up the little man- 5:35 and still going strong at every two minutes.

I burst into tears when my mom asks how I am feeling.
She starts laughing and smiling at me through each contraction.

Decided I should probably tell the hubby.
Text him- are you home?
Within about 10 seconds I get a FB message- Sorry honey, my phone died.  I'm home already
Me:  k well um... I'm having contractions every two minutes.
Him:  okay, what do you want to do? Do you think you need to go to the hospital?
Me: I don't want to.  I'll get home and lay down, see what happens
Him: ok
Me: charge your phone, leaving now, meet me outside

Got home and for the first time ever of requesting him to meet me outside to help me in- he was there!
And he went  straight to get the little man out of the car.
Yeah I yelled- I'm the one in labor, the 4 year old can wait!!

We went inside and started packing the baby bag (which was partially packed) and my bag.  Also a bag for little man while staying at grandparents.

Finally decided around 7 we should just go.  They weren't slowing down.
Took little man to my parents, went to the hospital OB Emergency.

They hooked me up and determined I was very dehydrated.
So I did two bags of fluid in a couple hours, watched some Disney movies, and they said they were having a hard time getting little lady's heart rate cause she wouldn't hold still.  Yup, that's my girl.  CONSTANTLY moving.

But we got the contractions to slow down, got home around 11:30pm and here I am at work again.  How exciting, a letdown, and now back to waiting again.

The good news is she's not here early.
Bad news is I'm not dilated or effaced AT ALL.

Countdown to schedule c-section- 21 days.  SO LONG.......


  1. The last month of pregnancy is the WORST! The waiting and aches is torture. I feel for you!

    Just know that everything you're feeling is normal. I'll keep you in my prayers. Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Kami! It's funny how the first pregnancy you don't get why people say they are "done"
      Second pregnancy- oh, I get it now!