Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life is Precious

When we say our nightly family prayers I always make sure to pray for safety in our travels.
We're a busy family right now- the hubby is working again and school is back in session.
I work full time.
The little man started preschool and has 4 different babysitters throughout the week to help us.

So we are on the road a LOT.

That being said I made a call to the hubby right as I got to work- "There's a reason I pray for safety in our travels."
I let him know I am fine but I had a BIG scare.
I don't know exactly what happened as I wasn't distracted by anything in the car but suddenly the car in front of me was almost at a standstill on the freeway.
I slammed on my brakes, the car went sideways and suddenly I was across three lanes of rush-hour traffic.
All I could see was cars coming my way and that I barely missed the car in front of me by probably an inch.
But then I guided the car to the left side, pulled over, put on my blinkers, and just sat there.
Amazed I could get across all the lanes, not be hit, and that other than some hot brakes and lotsa smoke from my tires, I was fine.

But why?  I deserved to be hit, to have my precious car totaled (she's paid off, I bought her in college 12 years minus 20 days ago, I know because I bought her on my birthday).
It was obviously my fault.
But I am unharmed.

I keep reading stories of pregnancy loss, infant loss, etc.  I don't know why...
And I realize this baby is SUCH a miracle.  I'm 34 weeks and am having SO many braxton hicks mixed with some stronger contractions that wake me up every night.
But how amazing is this baby that she is still kicking and poking me like crazy.
She's still strong, healthy, and seemingly happy.

My son loves me.
He is always asking if I'm okay, if he can kiss me better, and telling me amazing stories.

My husband is working his tail off to make our lives better.
He's frustrated/busy/tired but still keeps at it.

I love my life and am grateful nothing worse happened this morning or to the life I am carrying.
(yes I made us wear matching shirts to a theme park)

And more from just life lately...
First dentist appointment- clean bill of health!

Wanting to drink with the dogs.... It was juice

The same smile I had at this age

My boys always on their toys

because any box at this age is cool to play in

Little man looks tired and he was.

Same car mentioned before- had to get some things fixed a few weeks ago and hubby felt very manly

Avengers push up contest!

My baby is growing up!

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