Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Lets talk about Hair

My hair has always been the same color- I call it Golden Red.
The first thing my mom said when she saw me after giving birth was- look, she has red hair!

It's always been STICK straight, doesn't hold curl, and could never be called thick.

When my mom and sister were pregnant their hair changed to curly.
I had high hopes for this- cause a girl with straight hair wants curls and a girl with curls wants straight hair, right?

First pregnancy- hormones didn't get high enough to do anything before I lost that one
Second pregnancy- the last trimester my hair grew like CRAZY, got awesomely thick, and was just pretty.
Third pregnancy- last trimester my hair is again growing like CRAZY but the thickness this time is just kinda annoying.

But after the second pregnancy- it all fell out and I had to cut it short for a bit.
NEVER did it get curly or even a possible wave.

Third pregnancy- I know it'll fall out again.  It's just being weird.
If anything it's holding curl worse than in my whole life.

Hormones do some crazy stuff for sure!

But once I get back down to my goal weight the plan is to go pixie again and blonde just one time. :)

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  1. Yes, hormones do crazy things! They are evil! Why do we need hormones?