Tuesday, September 6, 2016


I was just looking over my calendar at work, seeing when my next few calls to directors are, and realized- the date we may schedule my c-section if this little girl hasn't turn is LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS AWAY!  I think I have a ton to do... Like maybe get some newborn diapers?

We (well, little man and I) put together little lady's dresser on Saturday.
Of course one drawer just doesn't fit no matter what we do and it's non-returnable.
So that made me not want to fill the other drawers up.  Too frustrating.

But it's in the bedroom now.

Little man slept through the night (mostly) last night!  I'm pretty sure he sleep walks 2/3 nights cause he'll come in and seem to be staring right at me but his eyes are closed and he won't respond.

So I picked him up (yes, I'm 35 weeks pregnant and shouldn't have but it kept him asleep while dad snored beside us) and put him in his bed and he stayed asleep!  I got almost 9 hours of sleep last night which is the most I've had in weeks.

And the in-laws had a hike yesterday which of course at this point would have killed me.
So I got to stay home, alone, for 3 hours and veg and nap.
If it wasn't for the fact that I am SWEATING TO DEATH right now it would have been great.
And that was with a fan within two feet of my body.

But these complaints are all so minor.
I don't have it so badly- hubby has swollen ankles lately due to 10+ hour shifts at the bank.
But mine are not swelling (yet)!

My next appt is Thursday- we'll find out if she's breech and if these MILLIONS of braxton hicks have done anything yet.  *wish me luck!*

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  1. I get nervous when it gets close to D-Day as well. That is hilarious that Simon sleep walks! Ha! Good luck with everything!