Monday, May 23, 2016

What Men Don't Think About

On Saturday we went to visit my hubby's best friend and his family to see their new house and help in the yard (which ended up just being the hubby helping in the yard as my 20 week pregnant body says NO to bending and stooping).

These friends are really conservative with money and made some very wise decisions with their house that really got Caleb and I thinking- hey, if we really buckle down, we could probably afford a house while he's still in school!

So we went over some basic numbers on Sunday and think it's possible.

But I reminded him- my main priority right now is affording a longer maternity leave than last time.

I took 6 weeks last time, which was perfect for healing from a c-section.
BUT I regret not taking longer so I could have more time with my son.

So with this baby I'd like to take 10 weeks which would give me a good chunk of the end of the year off.

Hubby- "Oh, I didn't factor in your time off work for maternity leave."

Oh what men don't think about.

Luckily I KILLED it with my goals at work
*sidenote for a pat on the back- I am the only team member to go over a million dollars in revenue this year AND I hit 131% of my goals, hurrah!
So my bonus come August should be substantially greater than it's ever been.

So if we budget just right I should be able to afford that maternity leave, no problem
PLUS make a big payment on my student loans
PLUS pay for fall tuition for the hubby

But factoring in saving more for a down payment... Something we'll need to figure out.
We do already have some money saved for that but would like it to be more so the mortgage is a bit lower.

But we are kinda excited about these thoughts/ideas of being on our own.

It's nice to think like an adult sometimes. :)

But wait. We've been living with the in-laws for almost two years now.
if we buy a house we have to factor in bills- power, internet, gas.

Never mind.
We're not going be adults.
I'm good where I am.

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