Monday, May 2, 2016

I love to write

I'm not a great writer.
I sometimes wish I had become a high school English teacher because I realize now that I loved it.
And I want to write- I have ideas, stories, thoughts, and opinions I want to share.

I have a fault- I am too honest.
My family will tell you this and consider it my real fault.
My friends will tell you this and I *hope* consider it a positive aspect of our friendship.

I've tried several blogs throughout the years and have been judged and critiqued by others and then I always felt I wasn't being true to what I wanted.

So here we are- a very honest blog where I will post what I want, leaving out too strong of opinions, but showing what my life is.

As of today my life is this:
I work full time in a fun but demanding job.
I have a 3 year old and one more child on the way.
I have been married almost 6 years to my best friend.
The plan was my husband would quit working when he had two years left of school to concentrate on projects and do internships.
3 months into our marriage he lost his job.
Mine paid enough so we were fine to let him do school full time.

Here we are 6 years later and there's still 2 years left of school for him.
We live with my in-laws which is a blessing and a humbling experience.

I rely on my faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and my testimony to get me through some days.

But life is good, life is fair.
I always have clean underwear!
- my mantra for 2016

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