Friday, May 6, 2016

Preschool and a Working Mom

Remember seeing in movies like Little Fockers that you have to sign your kids up super early for the best preschool around?

Well I assumed, living in Utah, that I wouldn't have to worry cause there's only a few amazing prep schools but TONS of other preschools.


The best one in the neighborhood, which happens to be in the house I went to preschool at, was full 1 year out and has a waiting list!
And the next best one, which is the one I preferred, also has a waiting list.

My biggest struggle is that these amazing preschools in someone's home all start at 9:30 or 1:30.
I work full time.
My husband does school in the morning and hopefully soon will have a job in the afternoons/evenings.

So how do we coordinate preschool?

We would only need to REALLY figure it out in September and two weeks in October until I got on maternity leave until Christmas.
But come January...  No clue.

I have VERY few friends who work full time (hubby in school or working).
In fact I can only think of one right now but she has an amazing babysitter that takes her kid every day, all day, and even drives to/fro preschool.  Now that's amazing!

So how do people do it?
I want my son to experience a good preschool where he learns social skills and is ready for kindergarten.
I don't want a preschool that has him in a desk most of the time.
I remember preschool really well (I started when I was almost 3 and did two years.  I remember learning how to play store, water fights in the backyard, and getting to pick a book to take home.  I was a VERY early reader).  I only remember the fun parts and rarely having to sit for very long.

Also I have a summer boy.
A lot of friends are holding back their summer babies so they're older when they start.
So I either have this year to do preschool and kindergarten next year (yikes!) or two years until kindergarten.
This is apparently called "redshirting" and I hate the term!
It's like blue collar, white collar. *later finding out this is a sports term

Why is everything about our shirts?  (mostly being sarcastic but really- how did that come about?)

Anyway our little man is totally ready social wise to be around kids.  He loves meeting new kids, playing with them. HOWEVER in church when he has to sit still for 15+ minutes he CANNOT do it.  It's not a matter of holding him in his chair, talking to him about it.  He's just not ready for holding still that long.  And I don't blame him :)

Pros and Cons of holding him back:

In our religion  the boys can now serve religious missions at 18 and having graduated from high school.
If we hold him back a good portion of his friends will be long gone on their missions.
If we keep him in the year he should be he'll be the youngest but still turning 18 in July he'll go right after them.

Such dilemmas I didn't know I'd be faced with as a parent!
*additionally the hubby should graduate May 2018.  If I hold little man back then we don't have to pull him from a school he's just gotten to know when we move to wherever.  And please pray we move out of the in-laws! :)

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