Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Answers and Wonderments

It's a girl.
I cried.
Caleb comforted me and was more excited.
Since I was 10 I only wanted boys.
Now I have to buy pink.  I always hated pink.
But I am wearing the one pink shirt I own at work today to announce.

My last pregnancy I hated all meat (I could cook it but not eat it).
I loved anything lime and TONS of drinks.

This pregnancy I CRAVE meat (except chicken).
I hate drinks and mostly hate anything sweet.  Sugar makes me sick.

I should have known with the cravings that a little girl was taking over my body.

She moves a TON all the time!
Except during her ultrasound.
She was laying on her side, towards my back.  Therefore we got HORRIBLE profile shots compared to the Little Man who was in a perfect position.
Luckily she turned just enough to prove she is a girl.

So there ya go- I get to raise a girl now.
Apparently I needed more blessings and trials in my life? :)

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