Monday, August 8, 2016


Today is my 5 year anniversary for my job.
Truth: this is crap that nothing happens.  I have been told by a few people I look big into my pregnancy today.  Good thing it isn't my birthday- I'd be even more upset.
I think I get a picnic blanket at the quarterly meeting for hitting 5 years.  Yea.....

Sleep training our little man for like the 4th time ever?
Truth:  everyone makes it seem like you do it the first time it sticks.  NOPE.  Little man got a cold last year and stopped falling asleep on his own.  So being an only child we spoiled him and would lay with him until he fell asleep.
Started last night by just sitting in the glider in his room while he fell asleep.  Which was great cause he didn't complain AND that chair is so comfy right now.
He was always the best sleeper until that stupid cold...

This is my third pregnancy, second to almost full term.
Truth: You really don't keep as much track after the first one.  I honestly am not quite sure what week I am.  I think 31 weeks....

I wasn't able to nest last time because of the issues with that pregnancy limiting my physical capabilities
Truth:  I think the hubby may kill me for the nesting I am doing now.  Lets just say the family room looks like we're moving in or out, not just organizing.

I don't ever want to own a dog or any furry creature.
Truth: Since living with my in-laws they now have two dogs and my SIL's have all bought dogs and snakes.  I never touched a snake before two weeks ago but this sweet little one wasn't too bad (no picture of me holding her but this is my little man who was so soft with her).
So my hubby and the little man may push me for a dog.... Dang it.

My work season starts on Thursday for 2017 (even though we started work on it back in May but now it's "official").
I have double the amount of work anyone this season (it can never be predicted) and I have until mid-October before I go on maternity leave and have to get everyone contacted, contracted, and firmed up before then.  So that when I come back in December I don't die.  Which I might do anyway

Yesterday at church I combined classes with another lady and she filmed my class for her little youtube channel she does with her famous husband
Truth:  IT REALLY BUGS ME that I try to not show much of my son on social media but now he's on this wildly popular youtube channel?  Also, why is she filming in CHURCH?  They actually tell us not to.

Little man starts preschool on Thursday as well which he is so excited for.
Truth:  I am apprehensive, nervous, scared, excited, and gonna cry.

My emotions are all over the place right now and part of that is I just wanna be honest with people.
I'm tired, my clothes don't fit, hubby started working again, and I just wanna take a week off (which I have the PTO for but gotta save that for maternity leave).

But I'm healthy.
The baby is healthy.
My boys are healthy.
I just might survive....


  1. Oh the emotions that pregnancy brings! I feel for you! Someone should talk to Julie (I'm assuming it is Julie) about filming in church, because I'm pretty sure that is a no no. I'm also careful about my girls on social media, and it bugs me when others just post about them, including their name how they know them! Ugh! Sorry for all your woes! I'm thinking of you! Hang in there!

    1. p.s. She really needs a disclaimer to put other people's children on Youtube!

    2. p.p.s. Consent form, not disclaimer. Sorry.